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The mission of our head office is to achieve the greatest possible competitiveness for our Affiliates, centralising our activities to give them levers with which to generate economic value, as well as other competitive advantages that will enable them to improve their economic results and their position in the sector.

The Strategic Plan approved in 2012 has helped to reinforce the structure of the head office in the new business and services units, providing Affiliates with greater help and added value.


C/Sepúlveda, 4
Pol. Ind. Alcobendas
28108 ALCOBENDAS (Madrid)

Tel. 91 661 04 60

The management team has been noticeably reinforced with the incorporation of new Divisions, giving rise to a new Management Committee.

Juan Manuel Morales

Managing Director

Víctor Pérez

Commercial and
Marketing Director

Raquel Beneítez

International & Business
Development Director

Diego Maus

Corporate and
Financial Director

Juan Ramón González

Logistics and
Operations Director

Ana Lorenzo

Director of Public Affairs,
Communications and ESG


We have a presence in the following organisations and institutions, among others:

  • Governing Board of the Spanish Association of Distributors, Self-Service Stores and Supermarkets (ASEDAS)
  • Board of Directors of the Spanish Association of Commercial Codification (AECOC)
  • Governing Board of the CEOE
  • Board of Directors of ECOEMBES
  • Governing Board of CEIM
  • Governing Board of the National Association of Purchasing and Services Centres (ANCECO)


The joint Own Brand project carried out by head office and our Affiliates has started to bear its first fruit with the development of new brands, and this will help it to grow still further:


When it comes to trust, it's best to have detailed knowledge.

Safety Sheets

Consult and download safety data sheets according to (EC) Rule 1907/2006s.

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Other certificates

Select and consult our quality certificates.



An example of the way in which we support and care for our customers is the promotions that we regularly run in partnership with our suppliers.

Through Grupo IFA, our companies run promotional campaigns with aggressive offers, the aim of which is to satisfy consumer demand. Some of the most important of these offers include the annual campaigns run by Grupo IFA, which have given out over 270,000 direct gifts to our customers. As you would expect, these promotions have received a warm reception from our customers.


Some things are very much ours

A slogan that expresses our Brand Promise very well, and which is based on our values.

Our communications and promotional actions are developed precisely through understanding our consumers and our proximity to them.

This close connection with our customers has also given rise to the Hipoteca Ifantástica mortgage promotion, with a prize that is enormously useful in the current difficult economic period.


In our quest for excellence we are continuously working to improve efficiency and find synergies throughout the whole value chain.

We work closely with all our suppliers in order to optimise our operations and improve the value we offer our customers.

This can be seen in projects that have given rise to important synergies such as Project Energy and Project Consumable Goods.

We also provide many services to our Affiliates, such as, for example, help in producing plans and layouts of their stores.